Membership: Membership year is Jan. 1st - Dec. 31st. Dues are $15 for youth individual membership; $20 for an adult individual; and $25 for a family membership. A family membership is defined as member, partner, and dependent children. A $50 class sponsorship will include individual membership. A $55 class sponsorship will include a family membership. An announcement recognizing sponsorship will be made at shows and events.

We require a signed liability waiver to compete. It is an individual?s responsibilty to COMPLETELY fill out the liability waiver, and membership paperwork. Anyone competing without a signed liability waiver will be disqualified.

Any abuse of officers and/or show staff, or lack of good sportsmanship will not be tolerated, and will be grounds for disqualification from high point awards eligibility and/or expulsion from the show or club. The extent of the consequences will be determined by the Board of Officers.

Disciplines: In-Hand Classes; English Pleasure; English Equitation; Hunter Pleasure; Hunt Seat Equitation; Western Pleasure; Stock Seat Equitation; Ranch Horse Pleasure; Reining; Trail; Driving

Divisions: Green (Walk/Trot); Novice; Limit; Amateur; Open.

Class Eligibility:

  1. Walk/Trot: If you ride canter/lope classes (or have ridden) at any show, including exhibition rides, you are NOT ELIGIBLE to ride walk/trot classes. If you advance out of a walk/trot division, to a canter class, you may NOT return to walk/trot classes. Walk/trot horses/riders may show in canter classes at the third Horsin' Around Show, without forfeiting year-end awards.
  2. 1a. Green Horse: Horses eligible for this division have never cantered/loped at any show.
    1b. Green Rider: Riders eligible for this division have never cantered/loped at any show.
    1c. Walk/Trot Waiver: a Rider or Horse may return to Walk/Trot classes at HAC shows if it has been 4 years or more since they last cantered at a show or has been given approval from the HAC Officers/Board Members
  3. Novice Horse: This horse has never won 3 (three) or more 1st places in this discipline at any show.
  4. Novice Rider: This rider has never won 3 (three) or more 1st places in this discipline at any show.
  5. Limit Horse: This horse has never won 7 (seven) or more 1st places in this discipline at any show.
  6. Limit Rider: This rider has never won 7 (seven) or more 1st places in this discipline at any show.
  7. (1st place placing in one or two horse classes do NOT count towards your Division placing.)

Club members, in competition for High Point awards, may complete the year in the division they began in, regardless of wins during the year. For example, in the event a horse or rider starts the year in the Novice division, and wins three 1st places in the first one or two shows, that horse or rider will be allowed to complete the year in the Novice division, if he/she is eligible for a High Point award, in order to work towards that achievement. However, if that horse or rider is not eligible for a High Point award, three 1st place placings will advance them to the Limit division for the next show. This will also be the case for a horse or rider beginning the show series in the Limit division.

We have tried as hard as we can with these rules to attempt to "level the playing field." There are probably exceptions and/or extenuating circumstances to most rules. Therefore, we ask that you carefully and ethically consider where you and your horse belong, and enter those divisions accordingly.

Age: Exhibitors age is considered to be his/her age as of Jan. 1st of the current year. Horse age: The age of the horse shall be computed on the basis of a calendar year starting Jan. 1st of the year foaled. (For example, if your horse turns 1 anytime in 2011, he will show in yearling classes in 2011)

Amateur Classes: Open to any youth or adult who has not received money or barter for giving lessons, training or showing horses, in the last 4 years.

Leadline (For riders age 7 & under): We require that all Leadline handlers be an experienced adult handler, age 18 and over, and must have completed a signed waiver. All horses must be wearing a halter & leadrope under the bridle.

Stallions: Youth riders (18 and younger) are not allowed to ride, show or handle a stallion in any class.

Dress/Gear: Proper dress and equipment is required. Long sleeved shirt, Long pants/jeans, heeled boots. Helmets are strongly encouraged.

Numbers: If a rider is in a class with an incorrect number, no number, or multiple numbers after the gate is closed, that rider will be dismissed from the class.

Payments and Fees: We currently accept checks for the classes, memberships and show fees. In the event that a check is returned to us, that owner and his/her horses are no longer eligible to show until the payment and bank fees have been covered. The club also reserves the right to refuse further check payments.

Cancelling a show: In the event of inclement weather, the judge, and officers may announce a 30 minute delay within the class schedule. After 30 minutes, the situation will be re-evaluated. A show may only be cancelled by a majority decision by the officers present or a judge's request.

High Point Awards: For a horse to be eligible for a high point award, the handler/rider/showman must be a club member. You must be a member of the club, prior to any show, for the points earned at that show to count towards a High Point Award. To be eligible for a High Point award, horse/rider must have shown in at least 2 of the 3 shows of the season. High point awards will be figured by the Points Secretary, and verified by 2 additional club officers/members.

If a rider DQ in a class it will still be considered as competing in that show for year end awards. If a horse/rider DQ they will not receive point for that class. A rider competing in a class where others DQ, will receive points for as many riders as were competing.

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